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Lauren Pearson
Lauren is the Managing Director at Somerset Advisory and also the Founder of The Wealth Edit. The most important thing in her life is her family.  Her husband, Andrew, is a minister, and they have three smart and brave daughters.  

If research can be considered a hobby, then that would be her thing.  This curiousity, which quite frankly can drive those closest to her crazy, is probably why she is well suited for her professions.  To this support this passion, she has earned the Certified Financial Planner designation. 

The impact of putting a thoughtful plan in place will last generations, and she understands the depth of this responsibility.  What you will see and read from her online footprint is that she principally engages in personal financial planning, asset allocation, portfolio construction, and charitable gifting strategies for professionals and families.  The key marker of these relationship is trust, transparancy, and confidentiality. 

This is the work she has been doing for over a decade: designing and crafting hundreds of planning scenarios. It is deeply important that she does great work for the clients whom she serves.

After her family and her faith, this practice is her life's work.  

Why have you decided to serve as a Torchbearer for the JLB?
I love the vision and misson of the Torchbearer campaign - the fact that the point of raising the dollars from a lot of people expands and educates our community on the mission. The fact that everyone can participate and be a part of what we are building is special. 

What/who inspires you to be a Light in our community?
My daughters.  Birmingham has been very supportive of my businesses and I want them to see that contributing to your community first without any expectation of receiving is good corporate citizenship. 


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